tribute music therapy online


Different sounds Ed Large has been studied how as altering certain factors within the sound can affect the kind of emotional impact of a song….

white and black tango music therapy online

White and black

Descriptive – tango Knowing how the brain works, revitalize teaching It is important to revitalize today teachings and learning in this new context of an…

autumm leaves music therapy online

Autumn Leaves

Listening to Iron Maiden, Adele or Chopin can reveal their thinking. This was revealed by a study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge…

Colombian National Anthem music therapy online

Colombian National Anthem

Playfull Cumbia These studies are conducted with people who have suffered a serious stroke in the left hemisphere and therapy can be time consuming. Nina…

to be born music therapy online

To be born

The musical taste of each one of us will depend on the variety of sounds and patterns we have heard and accumulated in our brains,…

october music therapy online


Descriptive  Music in general provides various benefits to the intellectual development of children. In this way, learning to play instruments is something creative and usually…

another day with family music therapy online

Another day

Prenatal stimulant Play music and rhythms that reflect different moods during the day; soft music for times when you need reassurance and fast music when…

sensuality music therapy online


Neuronal Stimulation “The ear is the basis of the operation and the beginning of the ability to listen”. Music has a mechanical – ear substrate…

ibagué tolima colombia music therapy online


Colombian Folclore – Bambuco A melody, a little rhythm and much harmony are the components of a recipe that helps reduce stress. The use of…

december music therapy online


“A healthy therapy, which stimulates the senses” Hear, sing, dance and play are the natural elements, that all humans use when they hear melodies that…

always music therapy online


Classical, country, jazz Most of the work applied a single session of music, about 30 minutes, during hospitalization of people who had suffered a heart…

innocence music therapy online


Tribute “That something so beautiful and as magical as is the music can provide beneficial things for a person who is suffering. It is something…

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